Starting a business ...

I've thought about the idea of starting a business many times. But never had the time or, if being more honest with myself, inclination to do it.

It's strange how a global pandemic has changed and reshaped all our lives. Things have changed focus and for many, there was no choice in the new direction they took.

I believe that many smaller businesses, freelancers and individuals can get their place in the online world, without spending a fortune and following some simple steps and then managing and repeating those steps.

Since starting up in September, I have almost completed the initial phase with my first customer. Recently I asked whether they were happy; the answer was 'yes, very!' And then they asked; 'are you happy?'

My answer was 'absolutely! If the customer is happy, I'm happy and I'm achieving what I wanted to!'

Needless to say; I will be asking for a referral!!

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