Search terms that users enter, from one word to a full sentence/paragraph.


Anyone brave enough to enter something into a search engine, such as; Google / Bing.

The problem with users, is that they are not always looking for what you think they are looking for. There's usually a subtle, and often not so subtle difference to your industry knowledge & terminology.


I've spoken with many different business types and worked through a lot of data - the approach has always been the same;

Real Keywords

With all that digested, I get my full nerd on.

note: my superhero outfit would be a duffle coat with gloves attached via elastic & a satchel (never owned one - always wanted to).

Finding keywords / search terms that fit the business and the customer and weeding out all the noise.

Keyword Noise

Any traffic to your project that is not relevant is noise.

Just because you have a lot of traffic, doesn't mean that traffic is serving your business or is filled with your customer base / fit.

There are plenty of businesses out there that will tell you that they've increased your traffic. If they haven't got to know your business properly, they are going to send you rubbish and its just a numbers game imho.


Every Search/SEO project I have worked on in the last 3 years has seen real world improvements for each business, no matter what sector. I get these results because I like to understand, unravel and care about the project.

If you would like to know more - get in touch! - I've been working with a client since March. Her business is in a competitive market, but She is very good, knowledgeable and truly cares about her work.

We built the site quite quickly, based on a sit down meeting and getting a list of services offered. I learnt a lot about that sector in a very short amount of time, by co-creating content and researching the online market and competition.

The site went live with the key services catered for.

Once the site was live (late April), I made sure everything was being tracked and started to do more work on integration and content over the next month.

In mid-June, we had another sit down meeting and I explained SEO (Her eyes glazed over - most people do and I don't blame them), I gave her a few examples on where we were so far (30-40th place based on chosen search terms) and how the techniques to place the site higher in Google is time well spent.

So we agreed some hours for June and we went to work ...

By taking content already on Social Media channels, I was able to put together a blog and start a Youtube channel and started a change, monitor, analyse process.In short, using my knowledge of how it works - I did my thing:

Blue Line is my Clients new domain and new content - the line goes up and down, due to the change process. The site entered Google at ~0.1% (when first crawled), it is now at ~21% (with a peak of 30%)
Blue Line is my Clients new domain and new content - the line goes up and down, due to the change process. The site entered Google at ~0.1% (when first crawled), it is now at ~21% (with a peak of 30%)

I've been told to keep doing what I'm doing!

I can help you compete - no matter what you are selling!

The Right Idea for Search Visibility!

Edit - in a competitive environment being on page one gets you more traffic, being in the top 3 gets you more again (see chart below). SEO does take time, but the ROI (return on investment) is far better and once you have all the building blocks - it takes less time to keep yourself there.

Should you be using Social Media for your business? It really does depend on where your customers 'are' and whether your brand will resonate with the users/platform. If your customer profile fits on the platform and you can see conversions and referral traffic increases, then it's worth having as a channel and tracking.

Don't rule anything out until you've looked at it from a functionality point of view. There are many ways to integrate these platforms into your website and directly to your business.

Are 'likes' important? If you are looking for advocacy of your message/product, maybe/maybe not, it really depends on what you are selling/offering. If you are looking for reach/awareness, no. The number of times your message has been viewed means your followers are absorbing your message, so if you're looking to resonate, that's where you should track.

Having a post with 2 likes and 1500 views can be interpreted many different ways, that's why profiling your customer is so important. Because you then know what it means to you.

Your Customer & Lead Data

As easy as these platforms are to use, they will try and keep you within their boundaries. That's why getting as much of the traffic they generate to your website, is so important.

Building a following and having permission to communicate with that following directly, is where you need to be. Those contacts have, or are ready to hear what you have to say.

Post, Post, Post and Tracking

You do not have to post over and over again. There are platforms and free tools that allow you to post your message once and tailor it to each platform. Giving you some centralised data that you can track.

Knowing which channel gives what your business needs, is the key to using your time wisely!

The Right Idea for Social Media Integration! Here to help 🙂


A Warning on Social Media Advertising: If you have business pages on these platforms - your content reach is purposefully reduced by those platforms to increase their revenue. The more you spend, the better results you get. The question is whether the increase gives you the results you want and whether you can afford it.

You sharing as an individual always helps boost your business page posts. This will help to push past some of the hiding of your messaging.

With IoMech's continued drive toward easy entry to Industrial IoT, a successful installation required a video promotion to see the system in action.

The client shot the video at the facility in London and then via DropBox and a little bit of editing, we managed to produce something that is informative and shows the value of the system.

We then created the YouTube channel to interact with the website, allowing easy additions and video updates to be central to the messaging.

Awareness is key to this systems take-up and with strategic targeting and continued communication, the message is reaching it's audience.

SEO & Video are great partners.

Talk to us about making your Digital Presence shine ...

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): There's an entire industry built around mystifying this subject and that gets on my nerves immensely.

Put in simple terms: where you are perceived as the leader in your niche from a networking standpoint, search engines are trying to capture that to make sure they are giving their users relevant data and the answers their users are looking for - because that builds trust. Which brings repeat usage.


If you take Wikipedia as a shining example of the mechanics of SEO. Wikipedia does not pay to get First Page/Position results, it's done through:

This shows SEO in it's truest form. Knowledge, backed up by relevance and viewed as an authority.

Not everyone has the time for Wikipedia - but taking it at a single subject matter / page - you can really start to understand the inner workings of the 'magic' of SEO.SEO is not complicated, but should be a bi-product of your expertise. Your business has got the building blocks, given the right guidance, strategy and approach - your first page ranking is not unreachable!

I would love to help!

edit: There are important technical aspects to SEO, but given the right platform and some checklist items, that need not be a limitation to any business. I can also help with that.