Hubka, Hubka - who loves ya baby! - A very talented and experienced business that makes furniture and fitted furniture dreams come true!

I've known this client for over 30 years ... mainly because we played, very briefly ... in a band together. We headlined at Clyro Court ... I'm going to leave that story there as it sounds pretty bloody good so far.

Anyway, as time has gone on, and on ... and on ... we have re-kindled our friendship and as luck would have it, our professional paths have crossed also.

I've really enjoyed this project and love the clients business approach, results and passion. Really fits with my approach and is definitely the kind of customer I can't do enough for.

First stop - create a website that fits with their aesthetic, that conveys their approach and gives the presentation that the product deserves. Simple, picture led work examples - that show the craft work, the skills and the attention to detail.

Second; get the site live and start to look at the detail, the perceived and actual competition and the Search Engine landscape.

Currently we're in the process of analysing the digital landscape and searching for their perfect traffic.

I'll report back once they are where we want them to be!!!

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