Project #1 = Happy Client!

With any leap, comes self doubt and a fear of the unknown ... I'm happy to say that I have faced my fears and pushed through - reminding myself that my track record for getting through tough times is 100% (Memes ftw).

IoMech Ltd. is the brainchild of Dr Ioannis Michalakoudis. Ioannis is an expert in the fields of Product Design and Lean Manufacturing and his passion is clearly seen in all he does. It's been an absolute pleasure working with him and getting his Marketing approach up and running.As with any project I take on, understanding the core of the business and where the service/product resonates is key to getting results. The following is the feedback I have recently received:

LinkedIn presence
LinkedIn presence

Brief Description of Project: IoMech Ltd. Initial website build, launch and promotion of business to targeted market space. Plus using LinkedIn for Market Research and promotion.

  1. Do you feel that TRI understood your business and its requirements? TRI quickly understood my business and assisted me to define my marketing plan and website
  2. How easy/difficult was it to work with TRI? It is a smooth and pleasant experience
  3. During the project, did you get the response time and support you required? Yes, I’ve got a full website and email campaign material from an incomplete plan delivered exactly when I needed it.
  4. How effective and straightforward was the solution TRI delivered? TRI delivered on its promises and beyond.
  5. How likely are you to use TRI again for Marketing support? I would definitely use them again when the next opportunity arises

What makes me happy? Delivering on what I promise and helping businesses achieve.

Can I help you? I'm pretty sure I can! Please get in touch and allow me to smooth out your Marketing process.

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