Do you have real keywords?


Search terms that users enter, from one word to a full sentence/paragraph.


Anyone brave enough to enter something into a search engine, such as; Google / Bing.

The problem with users, is that they are not always looking for what you think they are looking for. There's usually a subtle, and often not so subtle difference to your industry knowledge & terminology.


I've spoken with many different business types and worked through a lot of data - the approach has always been the same;

  • understand the business needs
  • understand the customer base
  • review the competition (actual, perceived & digital)
  • review existing keyword lists
  • review traffic data

Real Keywords

With all that digested, I get my full nerd on.

note: my superhero outfit would be a duffle coat with gloves attached via elastic & a satchel (never owned one - always wanted to).

Finding keywords / search terms that fit the business and the customer and weeding out all the noise.

Keyword Noise

Any traffic to your project that is not relevant is noise.

Just because you have a lot of traffic, doesn't mean that traffic is serving your business or is filled with your customer base / fit.

There are plenty of businesses out there that will tell you that they've increased your traffic. If they haven't got to know your business properly, they are going to send you rubbish and its just a numbers game imho.


Every Search/SEO project I have worked on in the last 3 years has seen real world improvements for each business, no matter what sector. I get these results because I like to understand, unravel and care about the project.

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