Variety is the spice of life

One of the things I am enjoying most with my new job; Variety. I really do enjoy getting into the depths of other peoples passion and working out what is required to get that across digitally.

A recently completed phase 1 project for Lydia @ The Clinic Aesthetics - based in Hereford, is a great reminder of that. I am blown away by the number of treatments and it really opened up my understanding of the 'why' of it all.

Scar removal as a shining example, to be able to give someone more confidence, by removing a daily reminder ... is a wonderful thing!

Lots more to do, but with time taken to understand the key elements of the business, the customer profiles and the search landscape, will pay off and get the right traffic flowing!

So, that's another happy customer and a very much appreciated opportunity to convey the unique aspects of a great brand!

Onwards and upwards!

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