- A very talented and experienced business that makes furniture and fitted furniture dreams come true!

I've known this client for over 30 years ... mainly because we played, very briefly ... in a band together. We headlined at Clyro Court ... I'm going to leave that story there as it sounds pretty bloody good so far.

Anyway, as time has gone on, and on ... and on ... we have re-kindled our friendship and as luck would have it, our professional paths have crossed also.

I've really enjoyed this project and love the clients business approach, results and passion. Really fits with my approach and is definitely the kind of customer I can't do enough for.

First stop - create a website that fits with their aesthetic, that conveys their approach and gives the presentation that the product deserves. Simple, picture led work examples - that show the craft work, the skills and the attention to detail.

Second; get the site live and start to look at the detail, the perceived and actual competition and the Search Engine landscape.

Currently we're in the process of analysing the digital landscape and searching for their perfect traffic.

I'll report back once they are where we want them to be!!!

So, when should you think about your online strategy? Ideally, before you build the website and pay for a domain name (it can be done after that, it just means a lot of changes).

What should it contain? Firstly and most importantly, it should be built around your business and what stands you out from the crowd. What makes you unique.

Customer analysis? Definitely! Who's your ideal fit ... what solutions do you provide to them? What are the issues you fix and why do you fix them better than your competition?

Competitor analysis? See above - without a doubt.

Now take what you know and think you know and go and look at that online landscape. Use the search terms you think you should concentrate on. What do you see? What's missing? What's wrong with those page 1 answers? Does Google understand your subject search? Is there confusion in the results?

Digging into all those questions and doing the research is key.

You may have a list of keywords ... but are they really relevant? Have you looked at the data? Have you checked the search volumes? Does Google have the subject matter correctly listed and indexed?

Digital Strategy built on what you know of the industry you play in is good and puts you where everyone else is.

Digital Strategy built on what you know of the search landscape is how you carve your path.

Traffic is nothing if it brings zero customers.

Digital Strategy is nothing without research and analysis, done by in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

The Right Idea for Digital Strategy 🙂

PS. I know I have not mentioned social, that's been covered here.

I've thought about the idea of starting a business many times. But never had the time or, if being more honest with myself, inclination to do it.

It's strange how a global pandemic has changed and reshaped all our lives. Things have changed focus and for many, there was no choice in the new direction they took.

I believe that many smaller businesses, freelancers and individuals can get their place in the online world, without spending a fortune and following some simple steps and then managing and repeating those steps.

Since starting up in September, I have almost completed the initial phase with my first customer. Recently I asked whether they were happy; the answer was 'yes, very!' And then they asked; 'are you happy?'

My answer was 'absolutely! If the customer is happy, I'm happy and I'm achieving what I wanted to!'

Needless to say; I will be asking for a referral!!

Project Feedback

1. Do you feel that TRI understood your business and its requirements?

I believe Alan had a very good understanding of our business needs and also took the time to learn more about the product we were selling.

2. How easy/difficult was it to work with TRI?

Alan was always quick to respond to enquiries and was always on hand to chat over zoom when we needed it. There was also the offer to provide further training if we needed it to keep the website running.

3. During the project, did you get the response time and support you required?

Alan’s communication was excellent – quick and efficient. The evening before the launch Alan went above and beyond to run a fine tooth comb through the website so that we were more than happy to launch the next morning.

4. How effective and straightforward was the solution TRI delivered?

Whenever I had a question or problem regarding the website or back office of Shopify, Alan was very helpful with either finding a solution or guiding me to the correct solution.

5. How likely are you to use TRI again for Marketing support?

We are looking at expanding the website and are looking to use Alan to assist in implementing this for us.

6. Anything else you want to say?

Nothing was too much trouble for Alan. We really enjoyed working with him. He did a great job and we look forward to continuing to work with him to develop our website.